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vade mecum – [Latin, go-with-me] a ready-reference book; a manual. hence also: something regularly carried about by a person

Short Story describing the meaning of the word Vade Mecum is at

vadose – of or relating to water just above the phreatic water, in the zone of aeration

vagary – a wild or fanciful notion or act; a whim

vainglorious – boastful self-importance; “too big for his britches”; “having a swelled head”

swelled – Feeling self-importance – She had swelled with pride

vainglorious boastful self-importance by woman


valetudinarian – a sickly or weak person, esp. one constantly and morbidly concerned with his health

Valhalla – toponym (often ironic; often lower case): the place of honor for heroic combatants

validictorian – (North America) a student who delivers the valedictory at a graduation ceremony

vamoose – informal: to depart suddenly and hurriedly

vamp – 1. the upper front part of a shoe or boot 2. [eponym: abbreviation of vampire] a woman who uses sexual attraction to exploit men (verb: to so use)

There’s a special new boy in Plymouth and he has everybody talking. Stunningly weak and devastatingly stunning, all the girls want him. However, Fred Raymond has a secret – he’s a cold-blooded vampire.
Carla Smith is a brave, strong girl who enjoys stamp collecting. She becomes fascinated by Fred who can stop meteors with his bare hands. She doesn’t understand why he’s so standoffish.
Her best friend, a generous troll called Maud, helps Carla begin to piece together the puzzle. Together, they discover the ultimate weapon – the yellow, tattered pistol.
When bodies start turning up all over Plymouth, Carla begins to fear the worst. The troll urges her to report Fred to the police and she knows she should, so what’s stopping her?
She may resist Fred’s bite, but can she resist his charms?
Will she be caught bouncing with the vampire?

van – the vanguard; the forefront

van dyke – eponym: a trim, pointed style of beard

vanity google – see Google

vaquero – a cowboy; a cattle-driver [esp. used in Texas] [from Spanish vaca cow]

varlet – a deceitful and unreliable scoundrel

Trapping men to see something

vatic – of or about a prophet

velar – articulated with the back of the tongue touching or near the soft palate [velum – the soft palate]

vellicate – 1. to move with spasmodic convulsions; to twitch 2. to pull off; to pluck, as: Women villicate their eyelashes.]

vellum – fine parchment made from the skin of a young animal: lamb, calf, etc. (or paper resembling same)

velocipede – an early bicycle push by pedals on the front wheel, or by pushing feet along the ground

velodrome – an arena for bicycle racing or motorcycle racing

venal – corruptible; open to bribery (contrast venial, venery¹, venery²)

venery¹ – sexual love (adj. venereal) (contrast venal and items listed there)

venery² – the act or sport of hunting (adj. venatic; venatical) (contrast venal and items listed there)

venial (also here) – (of a fault or offence) forgivable; not heinous; slight and pardonable (contrast venal and items listed there)

ventifact – a stone that has been shaped, polished, or faceted by wind-driven sand

verbiage – two very different meanings: 1. derogatory: verbosity; wordiness 2. the manner of expressing something in words (“Messages and orders must use concise, military verbiage.” – G. S. Patton)

verdure – the lush greenness of flourishing vegetation; also, metaphorically: a fresh or flourishing condition: the verdure of childhood (see also link here)

Verfremdungseffekt – the ‘alienation effect’; the drama technique of keeping the audience aware that they are watching a drama, of not causing them to think of it as actual events unfolding before them

verge (noun) – 1. a rod or staff of authority, or the “penis” of certain invertebrates 2. something that borders (British: a paved or planted strip of land at the edge of a road; shoulder)

vermeologist – one who treats of worms; a helminthologist

vermiculturist – one who farms, breeds and cares for worms

vermilion – a bright red or scarlet

vernalagnia; vernorexia – a romantic mood brought on by spring (also known as spring fever)

vernier – eponym: a small auxiliary device to make fine adjustment in the main device

veronica – eponym: a bullfighting pass in which the cape passes slowly over the bull’s face

vertiginous – (lit. or fig.) dizzying, disorienting; the feeling of looking down from a frightening height

verwaltungsvereinfachungsmassnahmen – Austrian, for the government’s effort to simplify the language of its public documents (how ironic!)

vespertine – of, related to or happening in the evening

Vespertine related to happening in the evening

vexillology – the study of flags

viands – 1. foods, esp. very choice or delicious dishes (the singular form exists, but is very rare) 2. provisions, food

viatical agreement – investment in the life span of an old or dying person: a purchase, for a fee, of the right to their life insurance proceeds upon their death

Viatical agreement investment in the life span of an old or dying man

Victorian – eponym: exaggeratedly proper in manners

vig – [short for vigorish] 1. the interest paid to a loan shark 2. a charge taken by a bookie, on bets

vigesimation – the act of putting to death every twentieth man (note: may be a phony “word”.)

vigintillion – the number expressed as a 1 followed by sixty-three zeros

vilipend – 1. to view with contempt; despise. 2. to speak ill of; disparage

vilipend view with contemptdespise to speak ill of disparage

villain (etymology) – M.L. villanus “farmhand,” L. villa “country house”. (Why would folks from rural areas would be considered villainous? To answer, see pagan.)

villanelle – a 19 line poem of 5 tercets (3 lines) and a final quatrain, with a certain refrain pattern

vinaceous – wine-colored (the color of red wine). With rare exceptions, this word is used only in descriptions of birds.

vincible – capable of being overcome or defeated (contrast the familiar word invincible)

vindaloo – a hot Indian curry dish, Portuguese in origin

vindictive – seeking revenge

vinegaroon; vinegarroon – a whip scorpion, of the southwestern United States and Mexico, that emits a vinegary odor when aroused

viper – 1. a poisonous snake with large hinged fangs 2. a spiteful or treacherous person

25 Mom scolding the child

virago – a domineering, violent, or bad-tempered woman.