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nacelle – the streamlined outer casing of an aircraft engine.

nadir – the lowest point: the nadir of their fortunes (opposite of zenith)

naïf; naïf – a naïve person, in either of two senses: 1. natural and unaffected; and 2. lacking the judgment to be aware of dangers) (technically “a naïve male”, but in practice the word is genderless)

namaste – a Hindu expression on meeting or parting, usually while holding the palms together vertically in front of the bosom

namby-pamby – eponym: weak, foolish or silly: She probably regarded us as a bunch of namby-pamby liberals.

nancy boy – an effeminate man

napier – a maker or seller of table linen; the servant in charge of the linen a great house (obsolete)

Napier’s Bones – eponym: a set of graduated rods used to perform multiplication quickly. It was an early calculator. See here.

narcissism – eponym: excessive love or admiration of oneself

nares – nostrils

narrowcasting – the practice of “specialty” cable channels (or other media) geared to a specific group of viewers, such as physicians, businesspeople, or teenagers

nascent (also here) – coming into existence (or having recently come into existence), and beginning to develop

natant – floating or swimming in water [ I think it has the implication of ‘lying flat’.]

nativity – a horoscope for the time of one’s birth (among other meanings, of course)

natron – toponym: a mineral salt, consisting of hydrated sodium carbonate [baking soda]; used to desiccate bodies for mummification

navvy – a laborer in the excavation and construction of a road or railway

Nebbish – an innocuous, ineffectual unfortunate; a “loser”

Nebbish an innocuous woman ineffectual unfortunate woman loser

Nebbish – an innocuous woman, ineffectual unfortunate woman,a woman “loser”

nebbish loser nebbech an innocuous woman scallywag scalawag rapscallion knave

Short Story describing the meaning of the word Nebbish is at

nebula – astronomy: a gas-mass or dust-mass within a galaxy. figurative: something ill-defined or insubstantial; a hazy mass or cloud.

necromancy (also here, here and here) – 1. witchcraft or black magic 2. predicting the future by communicating with the dead [Note: dictionary at mancy lists 54 form of divination]
Interesting etymology: from Greek necro = “dead”. When the Latin word came to mean “black arts”, the spelling changed to nigromantia (Latin niger “black,”), and came into Middle English with the nigro- “black” root. Modern spelling is from attempts to correct this back to the original “dead” meaning.

necropsy – an autopsy (some sources say one performed on an animal)

nectar – any delicious wine or other drink (now esp. a kind of sweetened fruit juice)

negative pregnant – a denial (negation) of one thing that implies (is pregnant with) affirmation of another: I don’t still beat my wife

negus – eponym: wine and hot water with sugar and lemon juice and nutmeg

nelipot – one going barefoot (note: this ‘word’ is suspect)

nemesis – eponym: one who inflicts retribution or vengeance

neoconservative – of or advocating a new or revived form of conservatism

neologism – a newly coined word or expression; the act of so coining. (Also applies to coining new phrases or meanings)

neophobia – fear or dislike of anything new or unfamiliar [often used for a child’s refusal to try a new food, particularly vegetables!]

neophyte – (also here) – a person who is new to a subject or activity; a beginner, a novice (also, a novice in a religious order, or a newly ordained priest)

neoteny – the retention of juvenile features in an adult animal (or sometimes used to mean: the characteristic of having a relatively long period of development)

neoteric –
(of an author or other person): of recent times; modern; also, having a modern outlook
(of beliefs, practices, or other things): modern, recent, new
Also used as a noun. Not necessarily complimentary; “Freq. with disparaging connotations,” says OED; “objectionably novel, ‘newfangled’.

nepenthe – 1. a drug mentioned in the Odyssey as a remedy for grief; hence 2. something that induces forgetfulness of sorrow or eases pain.

nephoscope – a grid-like instrument for measuring clouds’ altitude, direction, and velocity of movement

nerd – An intelligent but single-minded expert in a particular technical field or profession. Someone considered boring because of their obsessive hobby or narrow solitary interests. An insignificant student who is ridiculed as being affected or boringly studious.


neritic – of ocean depths to about 200 meters; sublittoral

Nero – eponym: a person resembling Nero, esp. in displaying cruelty, tyranny, or profligacy

Nescient – lacking knowledge or awareness; ignorant