Visual dictionary and vocabulary for SAT GRE CAT GMAT BankPO MBA entrance exams

Toughest of the vocabulary explained visually from SKMClasses

Words starting with ” m ” for SAT, GRE, GMAT, CAT skmclasses Bangalore

macabre – eponym: gruesome; having death as a subject; causing horror in the viewer

macadam – eponym: a common type of paving of roads

macarism – pleasure in another’s joy, a beatitude; taking pleasure in another’s joy

macarism pleasure in another’s joy

Short Story describing the meaning of the word Macarism is at

macerate – 1. to soften by soaking 2. to weaken, esp. by starvation

Mach number – eponym: speed, stated as ratio to speed of sound

macharomancy – divination by knives and swords [dictionary at mancy lists 54 form of divination]

machiavellian – eponym: cunning, scheming, and unscrupulous

machination – a crafty scheme to an evil end

mackabroin; mackabroine – a disobliging woman (says one source); a hideous old woman (says another)