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Words starting with ” l ” for SAT, GRE, GMAT, CAT skmclasses Bangalore

labile – liable to change; easily altered. (chemistry: easily broken down or displaced)

labret – an ornament worn in the upper or lower lip

labretifery – the practice of wearing labrets

labyrinth – something highly intricate or convoluted

lacerate – to irregularly tear or deeply cut flesh (also figurative, for mental pain)

lachrymose – weeping or weepy; tearful; also, causing tears

laconic – saying much in few words; pithy and brusque

lacustrine – relating to lakes

Laffer curve – a graph of tax revenue as a function of tax rate, illustrating the theory that beyond a certain point, higher rates will reduce the tax revenue received (by discouraging economic growth).

lagniappe – a gratuity given to a customer; a small gift

lahar – an mud-flow “avalanche” of volcanic ash and water, down the slopes of a volcano

lallation – a speech disorder involving faulty pronunciation or excessive use of the l-sound.

Lamarckism – eponym: theory that one passes his acquired physical traits to his descendants

lambada – a fast, rhythmical, erotic dance, from Brazil, with close physical contact (also, the music used)

lambdacism – faulty pronunciation or excessive use of the l-sound (underuse of it is paralambdacism; see entry at rhotacism)

Lampadomancy – divination by candles and lamps [dictionary at mancy lists 54 form of divination]

Lanai – a veranda or roofed patio

Langsuir – mythical creature: a female vampire that preys on newborns (Malaysia)

langsuir mythical creature a female vampire that preys on newborns

Short Story describing the meaning of the word Langsuir is at

Lapdog – literal: a small pampered pet dog; figurative: a person who is completely under the influence of another

Lapidary – 1. noun a gem-cutter, or the art of gem-cutting; adj. relating to gem-cutting 2. (of language) elegant and concise

Lapsus linguae – slip of the tongue

Laputan – eponym: absurdly impractical or visionary, especially to the neglect of more useful activity (from Gulliver’s Travels)

Laputan Relating to or Characteristic of imaginary people


lapwing – (etymology) a bird of the plover family

larrikin – Australian slang: a good-natured but independent or wild-spirited person, with little regard for authority, accepted values, etc. (The spirit of Australia?)

lascivious – 1. lewd, lustful 2. Tending to produce lewd emotions

lasering – group insurance: the practice of excluding, from coverage, a member of the insured group with a serious pre-existing condition

lask – to be afflicted with diarrhea. [From Depraved and Insulting English, by Novobatzky & Shea]

latibulize – to retire into a den, or hole, and lie dormant in winter; to retreat and lie hid

latitation – lying in concealment; hiding; lurking; latibulum – a concealed hiding place; a burrow; a lair; a hole

Latitudinarian – adj: broadminded; permissive; undogmatic. (noun: such a person)

Lavaliere – eponym: a pendant worn on a chain around the neck

Lay – a short lyric or narrative poem intended to be sung

Layabout – a person who habitually does little or no work

Layabout woman who habitually does no work

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