Visual dictionary and vocabulary for SAT GRE CAT GMAT BankPO MBA entrance exams

Toughest of the vocabulary explained visually from SKMClasses

Words starting with ” k ” for SAT, GRE, GMAT, CAT skmclasses Bangalore

kagu long-legged bird of New Caledonia

kainotophobia Cainotophobia fear of change

kainotophobia fear of change

Kainotophobia fear of change

Short Story describing the meaning of the word Kainotophobia is at

kaiserin wife of a kaiser

kaka olive-brown parrot native to New Zealand

kakaki West African ceremonial trumpet

kakidrosis body odour

kakistocracy government by the worst

kakorrhaphiophobia fear of failure

kakorrhaphiophobia fear of failure 2

Short Story describing the meaning of the word Kakorrhaphiophobia is at

kalamkari fabric coloured by repeated dyeing

kaleidophone instrument for demonstrating sound waves by lines of light

kalimba African musical instrument made of metal strips along a hollow wooden tube

kalology study of beauty 2

kalology study of beauty

Short Story describing the meaning of the word Kalology is at

kalology study of beauty 1

kalon beauty that is more than skin deep

kalpis a water jar

kalyptra veil worn by Greek women

kamagraphy making copies of original paintings using treated canvas

kame steep irregular ridge

kamelaukion tall cylindrical hat worn by Orthodox priests

kamerad to surrender

kamik knee-length sealskin boot

kaneh Hebrew measure of 6 cubits

kantar Turkish unit of weight equal to approximately 100 pounds

kantele Finnish zither

kantikoy to dance as an act of worship

kapnography means of producing designs on smoked glass surfaces

kapnography process for producing designs on smoked glass

karabiner steel link with clip on side used in mountaineering

karezza prolonged sex avoiding orgasm

karrozzin Maltese horse-drawn carriage

karst rough limestone country with underground drainage

karyokinesis division of cell nucleus

karyology study of cell nuclei

karyotype appearance, number and arrangements of chromosomes

kasha porridge or gruel-like dish made from crushed buckwheat

katabasis going down; military retreat

katabothron underground water-channel

katathermometer instrument for measuring the cooling power of air

katharometer instrument measuring changes in composition of gases

kathenotheism polytheism in which several gods are considered supreme in succession

katzenjammer hangover; uproar; clamour

Katzenjammer – Disagreeable aftereffects from the use of drugs (especially alcohol)

katzenjammer hangover uproar clamour

Short Story describing the meaning of the word Katzenjammer is at

kausia Macedonian felt hat with broad brim

kava narcotic drink prepared from Polynesian plant

kazachoc Slavic fast dance in which dancer squats and kicks out legs alternately

kazatzka Slavic folk dance performed by a couple

kea green parrot of New Zealand

keb ewe that gives birth to stillborn lamb

kebbie a shepherd’s crook

Keck – to retch; to feel disgust

keck to retch to feel disgust

Short Story describing the meaning of the word Keck is at

keckle to protect by binding with rope

ked wingless fly that feeds on livestock

kedge small anchor to keep a ship steady

keelhaul to punish by dragging under keel of ship

keelson lengthwise wooden or steel beam in ship for bearing stress

keeve a large tub

kef state of dreamy or drug-induced repose

keffel a horse; a nag

keister burglar’s tool kit

keloid hard scar tissue which grows over injured skin

kelpie mischievous water spirit

kelt coarse fabric made of black and white wool

Kelter – nonsense

kelter - nonsense baboonery talks by women

kelter nonsense spoken by a woman

baboonery foolishness stupidity nonsense spoken by a woman 2

Acerbic unjustified criticism SKMClasses

strident Being sharply insistent on being heard

clamant woman Conspicuously offensively loud given to vehement outcry

cachinnate to laugh loudly and immoderately

tattling Prone to communicate confidential information

carping Persistent petty unjustified criticism Raise trivial objections

whining woman

Whining on a blind to notice

when will he able to take criticism wrawling yowling again

kelter – nonsense spoken by a woman


kelter nonsense spoken by a woman

Short Story describing the meaning of the word Kelter is at

kemb to comb

kemp coarse, rough strand of wool

kennebecker knapsack

kenodoxy the love or study of vain-glory

kenophobia fear of empty spaces

kenosis Christ’s rejection of his divine side upon assuming human form

kenotism doctrine that Christ rid himself of divinity in becoming human

kenspeckle easily recognizable or distinguishable

kenspeckle easily recognizable or distinguishable

Short Story describing the meaning of the word Kenspeckle is at

kent-bugle an obsolete keybugle

kente hand-woven African silk fabric

kentledge pig-iron used as ballast in ship’s hold

kep to catch an approaching object or falling liquid

kephalonomancy divination using a baked ass’s head

kerasine horny; made of horn

keratogenic causing growth of horn, skin or hair

keratometer instrument for measuring curvature of the cornea

keraunograph instrument for recording distant thunderstorms

keraunoscopia divination using thunder

kereru pigeon variety of New Zealand

kerf cut, notch or groove; quantity of something cut at the same time

kermes brilliant red colour; a red dye derived from insects

kermesse cycle race held in an urban area

kermis indoor charity fair

kern Irish foot-soldier

kern part of typeface letter that sticks out beyond its body

kern to granulate

kersey coarse woollen cloth

kerseymere twilled fine wool

kerygma preaching of the Christian gospel

kerygmatic of, like or pertaining to preaching the Gospel

ket carrion; matted wool

ketch small two-masted sailing vessel

ketjak traditional Balinese dance accompanied by male chorus

kettlestitch stitch made at head and tail of section of book to connect sections

kex dry hollow plant stalk

keybugle bugle with keys

keyline outline showing shape and position of an illustration

keystone to double the wholesale price for retail

khaddar homespun cotton cloth

khor a dry watercourse; a ravine

kiang wild Tibetan horse

kibble the bucket of a well

kibble to grind cereal coarsely

kibe chapped area of skin

kickie-wickie a wife

kickshaws a trinket; a cheap, worthless article

kidder a forestaller; a huckster

kiddle stake-fence set in stream for catching fish

kidlet a very little kid

kidology study of kidding

kidology deceptive trickery; nonsense

kier bleaching vat

kif drug like marijuana smoked in North Africa

kilderkin old unit of capacity equal to 1/2 barrel or 18 gallons

kilfud-yoking a fireside disputation

killas clay slate

killcow a bully; a swaggerer

killcrop greedy insatiable baby; a changeling

killock small anchor

kilobase unit of measure of length of nucleic acid chain equal to 1000 base pairs

Kinchin – a child

kinchin a child

Short Story describing the meaning of the word Kinchin is at

kincob embroidered silk with gold and silver threads

kindergraph photograph of a child

kinderspiel a children’s cantata or play

kine cows

kinematics study of motion

kinescope cathode ray tube for a television

kinesics study of gestural communication

kinetheodolite theodolite used in tracking missiles and satellites

kinetics study of forces producing or changing motion

kinetogenic causing movement

kinetoscope instrument for producing curves by combination of circular movements

kingpost perpendicular beam in frame of roof

kinkajou carnivorous South American raccoon-like mammal

kinkle a slight kink

kip skin of a young animal

kip unit of weight equivalent to 1000 pounds

kippage state of displeasure or anger

kir drink of black currant syrup and white wine

kirking first attendance of a couple at church after marriage

kirpan small sword or dagger worn by Sikhs

kirsch liqueur made from the wild cherry

kirtle man’s or woman’s tunic or coat

kish solid graphite that separates from pig-iron

kismet fate; destiny

kissel thickened fruit purée dessert

kistvaen tomb covered with stone slabs

kit a small pocket violin

kitenge brightly coloured East African cotton fabric

kith knowledge; one’s native land; one’s friends

Kitschy – (of a display) tawdry or vulgar; Effusively or insincerely emotional

Short Story describing the meaning of the word Kitschy is at

kitthoge left-handed; awkward

kitthoge left-handed awkward

Short Story describing the meaning of the word Kitthoge is at

klangfarbe tone-colour; timbre

klaxon loud mechanical horn

kleenebok small South African antelope

klendusic able to withstand disease due to protective mechanism

kleptocracy government by thieves

klipspringer small African antelope

klopemania kleptomania

knackish cunning; crafty

knag knot in wood

knarred gnarled; knotty

kneelet knee armour

knickerbockers loose breeches gathered in at the knee

knick-knackatory collection of knick-knacks

knickpoint discontinuity in river profile due to intersection of new erosion curve

knissomancy divination using burning incense

knitch bundle of wood tied together

knell –

A knell is a ringing sound, particularly from a bell tolled to announce a death or the end of something. Which is kind of depressing.

From the Old English cnyll, meaning “sound made by a bell when struck or rung slowly,” comes our modern day knell. It certainly describes the slow, ominous

sound of funeral bells, but isn’t always used so literally: We often say that a final blow or action that will bring an end to something sounds or signals

the death knell. And if you hear a bell knell in your dreams, look out — superstition says that’s not a good sign.

knobber a stag in its second year

knop loop or tuft in yarn

knosp unopened bud of a flower; ornament shaped like a bud

Whipping the naggaing shrew illtempered women

knout to flog; to scourge

Knout whip flog


knubble to beat with the fists

knur knob or knot in wood

knurl small excrescence or protuberance; to make knurls on

koan nonsensical question given to Buddhist students for contemplation

kob African water antelope

kobold spirit of the mines

kohl eye-shadow; mascara

kohlrabi variety of cabbage

koine dialect that spreads to become common language of a region

kolo Central European folk dance having a ring of dancers

komatik sled with wooden runners

konimeter instrument measuring amount of dust in air

koniology study of atmospheric pollutants and dust

koniscope instrument for measuring dust in air

kop bank of terracing at a football field

kora musical instrument similar to a harp

kore ancient Greek statue of a draped maiden

koto obnoxious-sounding Japanese stringed instrument

kouprey wild ox of Cambodia

kouros – statue of a nude male

kouros statue of a nude male

kraken legendary sea monster

krasis addition of water to sacramental wine

kraurosis shrivelling of the skin

kreatophagia eating of raw meat

kremlin a Russian citadel

kreng whale carcass after blubber is removed

kriegspiel war-game used to teach strategy

krimmer tightly curled grey or black lamb’s wool

kritarchy government by judges

krobylos tuft of hair on the top of the head

krummhorn ancient double-reed wind instrument

krypsis doctrine that Christ secretly exercised divine powers

ktenology science of putting people to death

kudu African antelope with spiralling horns

kumiss fermented mare’s milk

kummel cumin-flavoured liqueur

kurgan prehistoric burial mound

kurta loose shirt or tunic

kurtosis relative degree okf sharpness of peak of distribution curve

kuru brain disease transmitted by cannibalism

kvass Eastern European rye beer

kwashiorkor tropical disease of infants due to protein deficiency

kyle narrow strait

kylin Chinese mythical animal

kyllosis club foot

kyloe small long-haired cattle

kymatology study of wave motion

kymograph instrument for recording fluid pressure

kyphorrhinos humped nose

kyphosis hunchbacked condition

kyrie religious petition for mercy

kyrielle string of short lines in stanzas all ending with the same word

kyriolexy the use of literal expressions


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