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Toughest of the vocabulary explained visually from SKMClasses

Words starting with ” j ” for SAT, GRE, GMAT, CAT skmclasses Bangalore

jackalope – mythical creature: an antlered species of rabbit

jackanapes – eponym: a silly, conceited person; a ridiculous upstart

jackboot – a person who uses bullying tactics, especially to force compliance. (orig. and also, a stout military boot that extends above the knee)

Jacky Howe – eponym: Australian slang: a sheepshearer’s sleeveless shirt

jactitation – boasting, bragging, ostentatious display (also jactation). jactant – boasting, boastful

Jactation boasting by a woman


jaculate – to throw out cast or hurl, as a dart or javelin; to emit [jaculable – fit for throwing]

Jacuzzi (trademark) – eponym: a large bath incorporating jets of water to massage the body

jade (etymology) – a semiprecious gemstone (either nephrite or jadeite) or its light green color. (entirely separate from jade² – an inferior or worn-out horse, or a crabby or disreputable woman)

jaegers – eponym: woolen underwear; a trade name (among other unrelated meanings)

jalousie – a blind or shutter made of a row of angled slats (  can be adjustable glass slats) 

jalousie outside shutter with slats

Short Story describing the meaning of the word Jalousie is at

jammy – Brit slang: lucky, with overtones of jealousy; implies that the person did nothing to deserve his/her luck.

janfu – see snafu

janissary – one of a group of a highly loyal supporters (I’d say it implies a ruthlessness and near-religious zeal.)

Janus word – a word having two opposite meanings (e.g. ‘sanction’; ‘cleave’)

je ne sais quois – something that cannot be adequately described or expressed

jeans – toponym: named from a fabric produced in Genoa, Italy

jeep – eponym: a small, durable, general-purpose motor vehicle [from character in the Popeye comics]

jehu – eponym: a driver, esp. one who drives furiously

jejune – 1. not interesting; dull. 2. lacking maturity; childish.

jennet or jenny-ass – a female donkey (the male is called a ”jackass’)