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iambic foot (iamb) – the poetry rhythm duh-DUH. Common in Shakespeare. Example: but, SOFT! / what LIGHT / through YON/der WIN/dow BREAKS?
trochaic foot (trochee) – DUH-duh. Example: LET her / LIVE to / EARN her / DINner /
dactylic foot (dactyl) – DUH-duh-duh. Example: AL-ice in / WON-der-land /
anapestic foot (anapest) – duh-duh-DUH. Example: the asSYR/ian came DOWN / like a WOLF / on the FOLD. vigorous, galloping; often in poems about horses or war

Icarian – eponym: soaring too high for safety; applying to ambitious or presumptuous acts which end in failure or ruin

Icarian soaring too high for safety applying ambitious presumptuous acts which end in failure ruin

Icarusian – eponym: flying too high to be sustained [Not a valid “word”, according to OED. see Icarian]


iconic – of an icon; that is, of a pictorial representation

iconoclast – who attacks popular beliefs or institutions

icthyomancy – divination by fishes [dictionary at mancy lists 54 form of divination]

idée fixe – an idea that dominates one’s mind; an obsession

idiot (old meaning) a private person, not holding public office. also (under a discredited, offense classification:) one incapable of connected speech or of avoiding the common dangers; needs constant attendance. imbecile – can attend to simple wants, avoid ordinary dangers. moron – can learn a simple trade but requires constant supervision

idiot savant  – a mentally handicapped person who displays brilliance in a specific area, especially one involving memory [French, ‘knowledgeable idiot’]

idlepated – idle-headed; stupid

Idlepated Idle-headed stupid

idolomancy – divination by idols, images, and figures [dictionary at mancy lists 54 form of divination]

if-by-whiskey speech – southern US regionalism: a speech coming down emphatically on both sides on an issue

iff – if and only if

ignoramus – eponym: an utterly ignorant person; a dunce (some sources add the concept of posturing: “a vain pretender to knowledge”) [from the title role of George Ruggle’s 1615 play satirizing the ignorance of common lawyers.]

ilk – sort, kind. also of that ilk – the estate name being the same as the family surname

illegal combatant (or unlawful combatant) – a combatant who, if captured, would not meet the standards of a prisoner of war [precise meaning is much misunderstood in dictionaries and the press]

illuminate – to add embellishments and paintings (to medieval manuscripts)

illuminati – people claiming to possess special enlightenment or knowledge.

ilunga (foreign) – a person who is ready to forgive any abuse for the first time; to tolerate it a second time; but never a third time. [from Tshiluba, a Bantu language spoken in south-eastern Congo and in Zaire]

Ilunga person who is ready to forgive any abuse for the first time

imaginist – one who lives in a world created by his or her active imagination

imbecile – see idiot

imbricate – see tunic

imbue – to inspire or influence thoroughly; pervade (also, to stain or dye deeply)

Imbue to inspire or influence thoroughly pervade

imbulbiate – to defecate in one’s pants

immaculate – 1. perfectly clean, neat, or tidy 2. free from flaw or mistake 3. pure; unstained; without sin]

immerd – to cover with excrement

immobilism – extreme political resistance to change

immure – to entomb in a wall, or to similarly confine or imprison [from Latin murus ‘wall’]

imparlibidinous – pertaining to inequality of desire between two people

impasto – laying on paint thickly so that it stands out from a surface

impignorate – to mortgage, pledge or pawn (also adjective)

importunate (also here) – pesteringly urgent and overly pressing in request (as a pushy beggar) [importune – to harass with persistent requests (also; to offer one’s services as a prostitute)]

imprimatur – official approval; sanction in camera – 1. in secret; privately 2. law: in private with a judge rather than in open court

Incisive – Having or demonstrating ability to recognize or draw fine distinctions

Short Story describing the meaning of the word incisive is at

in extremis – at the point of death

in flagrante delicto – caught red-handed, in the act of committing a misdeed. (also, caught in the midst of sex). Latin for “while the crime is blazing”.

Frequently applied to embarrassing but non-criminal situations.

inamorata; inamorato (fem. & masc.) – the one with whom one is in love or in an intimate relationship

Inamorata inamorato feminine one with whom one is in love in an intimate relationship

incarnadine – 1. fleshy pink color 2. blood-red. (An odd word, with two inconsistent meanings. Apparently Shakespeare incorrectly used it [in Macbeth] to mean blood-red, and the usage caught on.)

incarnate – in the flesh; in human form; also, to realize in action or fact; as actualize; community that incarnates its founders’ ideals

incommensurable – without a common measure on which to compare; “like apples and oranges” (different concept from with commensal, commensurate)

incubus – 1. an evil spirit supposed who has sex with women as they sleep. (see succubus) 2. a nightmare; an oppressive or nightmarish burden.

incumbent – lying upon something else: incumbent rock strata

incunabula books printed before 1501; also, the very earlier products of any art

incus – the flattened, anvil-shaped top of a thundercloud (also, a certain bone within the ear) [pl. incudes. From L. for ‘anvil’]

indict – to accuse of a crime or other offense (see indite)

indite – to write down; describe (see indict)

Indite to write down describe

indri [bizarre etymology] – the largest of the lemurs; severely endangered. [native phrase meaning “There it is!”; misunderstood by explorer]

induction (also here) – logic: inferring a general law or principle from the particular instances observed (contrast deduction – reasoning from

generalities to particulars) (several further definitions)

ineffable – 1. incapable of being expressed; indescribable 2. Not to be uttered; taboo

infectivity – the proportion of persons exposed to an infectious agent who become infected by it

infibulation – to close off the genitals, typically by stitching, so as to prevent intercourse

infix – an extra consonant that appears in some, but not all, tenses of an irregular verb

inflammable – flammable (not the opposite, as you might think). also fig.: excitable in temperament

influence; influenza – Latin influere “to flow into” flowed into English by two separate courses. (1) From Old French, influence, an emanation from the stars (2) From Italian influenza, a disease caused (it was thought) by the influence of the stars.

infographics – visual representations of information, data or knowledge. These graphics are used anywhere where information needs to be explained quickly or simply, such as in signs, maps, journalism, technical writing, and education

infralapsarian – one who holds that Adam and Eve chose their acts of their own free will

infucation – the act of painting or staining, esp. face-painting. In other words, putting on makeup.

infuse – 1. to pervade; fill 2. to instill (a quality) into 3. to soak (tea, herbs, etc.) to extract the taste or heal qualities

ingenuous – 1. without deviousness 2. without sophistication or worldliness

inhume – to bury [a person] in a grave or tomb [counterpart of ‘exhume’]

inkhorn – affectedly or ostentatiously learned: inkhorn words (See hapax)

inkhorn term – a ridiculously obscure and erudite-sounding term of foreign origin (typically Latinate or Greek), used in a pretentious attempt to appear

learned. [From the days of quill pens, which unlike modern pens do not carry their own ink. An inkhorn was a small vessel for ink fastened to the clothing.]

innervate – 1. to supply with nerves 2. to stimulate (a nerve or body part); contrast enervate

innumerate – antonym of numerate (see archives)

inpainting – art conservation: filling in lost or faded areas, with new paint

insidiate – to lie in ambush (for); to plot (against)

inter alia – among other things

interamnian – between rivers

interbastation – patchwork

intercalary – inserted in the calendar [now applied particularly to Feb. 29]; more generally: inserted amid others

intermodal – involving the transfer of goods between two different modes of transport

internaut – one skilled in navigating and using the Internet; ea netizen

interrobang – the punctuation mark ?!, used for sentences such as You did what?!

intestine (adj.) – internal

intromission – the act of inserting one thing into another; the act of letting something go in, admitting. Can be specifically used in a sexual sense.

inveigh – to attack with harsh criticism or reproach

inveigle – to win over a person by deceitful coaxing, flattery, allurement (OED) or cajolery (AHD)

inveterate – firmly and long established; deep-rooted; also, persisting in an ingrained habit

invidia – (the formal name of one of the seven deadly sins) envy

invigilator – someone who watches examination candidates to prevent cheating

invigorate – Heighten or intensify; Give life or energy to; Make lively; Impart vigour, strength, or vitality to..

Short Story describing the meaning of the word invigorate is at

involucre – a series of bracts beneath or around a flower

IPO – “Initial Public Offering”: a corporation’s first offer to sell stock to the public

ipse dixit – an unsupported dogmatic assertion. broader usage: argument from supposedly conclusive authority, rather than from reasoned evidence.

ipsedixitism – dogmatic assertion

ira – belligerence aroused by a real or supposed wrong (the formal name of one of the seven deadly sins)

Iraqnophobia – an unusually strong fear of Iraq, esp. its ability to manufacture and use biological, chemical, and nuclear weapons. (pun on arachnophobia – fear of spiders) This coinage had not achieved dictionary-recognition, as of May 2003

irascible (also here) – prone to outbursts of temper; easily angered

irenic – promoting peace, conducive to or working towards peace

Irenic promoting peace

irish bull – an incongruous statement (as “It was hereditary in his family to have no children”)

iron curtain – a barrier that prevents free communications of ideas and information

irony – the humorous or mildly sarcastic use of words to imply the opposite of what they normally mean

irredentist – an advocate of recovering, from a foreign government, territory culturally/historically related to one’s own nation (irredenta: such territory)

irrefragable – indisputable; impossible to refute or controvert

irrumatio – fellation

isabelline; isabella; isabel – a dingy grayish-yellow color, as of unwashed underwear

isinglass¹ – a gelatin obtained from fish; previously used to clarify wine

isinglass² – chiefly US: mica in thin transparent sheets, a heat-resistant substitute for glass

isobar – a line on a weather map connecting points of equal atmospheric pressure. [isobaric – having equal pressure ]

isogloss – the geographical boundary of some linguistic feature

isopiestic – noun: an isobar; adj. having equal pressure; isobaric]

issei – first-generation Japanese in the United States, who immigrated from Japan in the late 1800s and early 1900s; nisei – second-generation Japanese;

i.e, the offspring of issei; sansei – third-generation Japanese (note: distinct from sensei); yonsei – fourth-generation Japanese; nikkei – these four

generations collectively; kibei – nisei who returned to Japan for education.

ithyphallic – having the penis erect (typically applied to statues) (also: lascivious; salacious; obscene; lewd)

iamatology study of remedies
iambic consisting of iambuses; employing iambuses
iambize to satirize or lampoon; to ridicule in iambic verse
iambographer one who writes iambic verses
iambus poetic foot consisting of short then a long syllable
ianthine violet-coloured
iatraliptic relating to the curing of diseases by means of unguents
iatramelia medical negligence
iatrarchy government by physicians
iatrochemistry application of chemistry to medical theory
iatrogenic induced inadvertently by medical treatment
iatrology treatise or text on medical topics; study of medicine
iatromathematics archaic practice of medicine in conjunction with astrology
iatrophobia fear of going to the doctor
iberis low-growing flowering shrubby herb
ibex wild mountain goat with recurved horns
ibidem in the same place
ibidine pertaining to the ibis
ibis large stork-like bird; a pale apricot colour
icaco small fruit-bearing tropical tree
iceblink glare in the sky caused by light reflected off ice
iceland any land of perpetual ice
ichneumon small mongoose-like carnivorous quadruped
ichneumous parasitical
ichneutic of, like or pertaining to a tracker or tracking
ichnite fossilized footprint
ichnogram footprint
ichnography art of drawing ground plans; a ground plan
ichnology science of fossilized footprints
ichnomancy divination using footprints
ichorescent becoming ichorous
ichthyic of, resembling or pertaining to fish
ichthyoacanthotoxism poisoning from the sting or bite of a fish
ichthyocoprolite fossilized fish poop
ichthyography writing or description of fishes
ichthyoid fishlike
ichthyolatry the worship of fish
ichthyology study of fish
ichthyomancy divination by inspecting fish entrails
ichthyomorphic shaped like a fish
ichthyonomy classification of fishes
ichthyophagous fish-eating
ichthyophile one who loves fish or fishes

ichthyopolist – fish seller

Ichthyopolist fish seller

ichthyotoxism poisoning from fish venom
ichthytaxidermy fish taxidermy
ichu Andean alpine grass
ickle little
iconism imagery; metaphor
iconoclasm attacking of established beliefs
iconoduly veneration of icons or images
iconography study of drawing symbols
iconolagny sexual stimulation from pictures or statues
iconolatry image-worship
iconology study of icons; symbols
iconomachy opposition to the worship of images or icons
iconomancy divination using icons
iconomania obsession with icons or portraits
iconomatic using pictures to represent sounds of words; rebus-writing
iconometer instrument for finding size of object by measuring its image
iconophilism a taste for pictures and symbols
iconophobia fear or hatred of images
iconoplast one who makes images or icons
iconoscope old kind of television camera tube
iconostasis screen or partition in Eastern churches with tiers of icons
iconotropy misinterpretation by one group of the mythic imagery of another group
icosahedron solid with twenty plane faces
icterical of, like or pertaining to or suffering from jaundice
icterine of, like or pertaining to orioles and related birds
icterine yellowish or marked with yellow
icteritious jaundiced; yellow
icterogenic causing jaundice
icteroid resembling jaundice
ictic of, pertaining to, or caused by, a blow or stroke; pertaining to metrical stress
ictuate to emphasize; to put metrical stress on
ictus stress in poetry or verse
idealism doctrine that reality is ultimately mental
idempotent quantity which does not change when squared
ideogenous being of mental origin
ideogeny study of origins of ideas
ideogram symbol that stands for a concept rather than a word
ideography writing using signs representing ideas rather than sounds
ideophone word that is spoken but not written
ideopraxist one who is impelled to carry out an idea
idiochromatic having unique or distinctive coloration
idiocrasis intrinsic peculiarity or unique feature
idioglossia private language developed between children
idiograph private mark; trademark
idiography study or description of individual events or facts rather than patterns
idiolect distinctive individual form of speech
idiologism personal speech peculiarity
idiomology study of idiom, jargon or dialect
idiomorphic having a unique or distinct form
idiopathic disease particular to an individual
idiophone percussion instrument made of naturally resonant material
idiorhythmic self-regulating
idiothermous warm-blooded
idioticon vocabulary of a particular district
idolomancy divination using idols
idolomania obsession or devotion to idols
idolothyte sacrifice presented to an idol
idolum mental image; logical fallacy
idoneous suitable; appropriate
ifsoever if ever
ignavia laziness; laxity
ignescent capable of emitting sparks; of a volatile mood
ignicolist fire-worshipper
ignify to burn
ignipotent presiding over fire
ignivomous vomiting or spewing forth fire
ignoscency forgiveness
ignotism mistake due to ignorance
iguana large tropical New World lizard
iiwi bright red Hawaiian bird
ilastical propitiatory; expiatory
iliac of, like or pertaining to the loins
ilicic of, like or pertaining to holly
ilke kind or nature
illapse to glide in
illaqueate to ensnare
illation the act of inferring from premises
illative indicating movement into or toward
illaudable not praiseworthy

illecebrous enticing; attractive